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A tour of our website should answer your most basic questions. Feel free to browse around. Below is a list of the more common questions that we are asked. This is a work in progress. It is our hope to provide our athletes and parents with the most helpful information possible.

When does the season begin and how long is it?
Generally, the Summer season begins in May and ends in July for the athletes who qualify to participate in Jr Olympic competition at the National level.
Practices are not held outside of the published calendar.
The Club is not active during the High School season.
When can I register and how much does it cost?
Registration begins in May. Athletes can become a member of the Club at any time during the season. Athletes under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent to register.

Registration fees include entry fees to all meets and a portion of rent fees paid to GCC for use of the stadium and equipment. A $25 USATF Membership fee is also required. There is no uniform charge.

Registration must be in person. Athletes must be officially and fully registered within 10 days of joining the club (a birth certificate photocopy is required). A physical exam is not required.

Click here for registration info.
Do athletes have to become a member USA Track & Field?
Yes. Membership in USATF is required to compete during our regular season. The fee is $25.
What about uniforms?
Uniforms will be issued to each athlete at the beginning of the season and must be returned at the end of the season (or if the athlete leaves the Club). There is no uniform fee.
If a uniform or part of a uniform is lost it will be the financial responsibility of the parent/guardian to replace it.
What equipment do I need to buy?
The only equipment that is needed (highly recommended) is a comfortable pair of general purpose running shoes. Using worn down shoes, non-running shoes, or running shoes that do not provide the proper fit and support will lead to injuries.

Some athletes also choose to purchase running spikes for use during the meets (this is purely optional).
When and where are practices held?
We generally practice on Monday through Thursday evenings for the Summer the season at Ironwood High School. The Club does not offer private individual training.

Please check our calendar for specific times. The 6:30 p.m. starting time is the actual time our workouts begin.

Arrive at the track 10 to 15 minutes early so that practice can begin on time. Most practices will last about 1 hour.

If the athlete needs to leave practice early for any reason, it is their responsibility to inform the head coach at the beginning of practice.
In the event of inclement weather each athletes parent should make a decision, individually on whether or not to attend practice.

Practices will be cancelled due to heavy rain or lightning.
We will post a notice on our website and try to make every effort to e-mail all athletes and parents in advance should practice need to be canceled.
When are the meets and how do I enter them?
The competition starts in May for the Summer Season, with meets held on weekends through the end of July. As information on each of these meets becomes available to the club, it will be posted on the web-site.

Check the Meet Schedule for the current season.

Athletes may compete in up to four (4) events.

It is the athlete's responsibility to sign up for their events by the entry deadline that is posted on the schedule.

We assume that an athlete is NOT competing unless we are informed otherwise.

Entry fees to the meets is included in the Clubs registration fee.
Do we need to attend all practices and meets?
It is tough to improve your performance if you're not steady with your training. Although not required, you'll get much more out of it if your attendance is consistent.
If you are a member of a relay, regular attendance will be expected.
What happens if we miss a meet or practice?
Since track is an individual sport, there are no other team members who are depending on an athlete to show up on any given day (unless participating in a relay).

If you have other plans, or ill that day, please dont worry about it.
We'll see you at the next practice.

That said, conditioning is important, and the practice plans follow a progression that help learn track and field skills. If you do not attend practices, you will not receive the benefit of the progressive conditioning and skills.
If it's raining. Are you holding a meet?
Meets are rarely cancelled. Usually, the meet director will institute a weather delay in cases of thunder or a real deluge or other very nasty weather.
Am I expected help at practices or at meets?
Pitching in an helping is part of the the Puma experience on our club. Puma parents have always proudly represented our Club.

Don’t be shy. We need your help.

Each club in our Association has a responsibility assigned at our meets. Arizona Puma is responsible for running the High Jump. We seek parent volunteers to help run this event at each meet to insure that our club is meeting its commitment to all of Arizona’s athletes.

To help at practices, you must become a USATF Volunteer/Coach.

Look here to find out more.
I don’t have any experience with running or track. Are you sure you want me to help coach at practices?
Yes. Many of the drills require only adult supervision, and most do not require coaches to run. We have short and sweet explanations of the various drills and games we play for conditioning, and the more adults participate, the smoother practices run.

We’d love to have your assistance and will try to put you where you will have the most fun using your talents to help the kids.
Can I become a Certified Official?
All Officials seeking USATF Certification for the first time will begin at the Association level. Officials must renew for each Olympiad.

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