Arizona Puma is a non-profit organization that depends on volunteers to get things done.
In fact, our entire staff is volunteer. The Club is not a professional organization with a paid staff and coaches. It is run by former track athletes and parents who volunteer their time and energy to promote Track & Field in support of Valley youth. Puma parents have always proudly represented our club. Pitching in and helping is part of the Puma experience.
There are many ways that you can pitch in and help during the season.

Some examples are:


  • Uniforms are issued to athletes during the season and must be collected at the end. We need a volunteer to manage that.
  • Meet entries must be completed by the entry deadlines, so, assistance is needed to insure that our athletes are signed up in a timely manner and we don’t miss anyone.
  • Each season we are always looking for coaching help or just someone to run a planned workout.
  • Each club in our Association has a responsibility assigned at our meets. Arizona Puma is responsible for running the High Jump. We seek parent volunteers to help run this event at each meet to insure that our club is meeting its commitment to all of Arizona’s athletes.

The Association is also on the lookout for computer savvy folks to help run the finish line system at our meets.


Youth Club: Coach/Volunteers

All coaches and volunteers who come in contact with youth athletes during registered club practices or other club-related track and field activities must complete a background check.


Background Screening

Background Checks have been implemented by USATF to:

Promote a safe, nurturing, and supportive athletic environment in which youth athletes can pursue their athletic goals;
Provide an environment where parents can feel good about allowing their athlete to participate in the sport of track & field;


Maintain the sport of track and field as a hostile environment for those who would seek to harm youth athletes.


Coaches/volunteers who "pass" their background screening (and are current USATF members) will have their names posted on the USATF web site as being in “good standing.” Only these individuals will receive the protection of USATF’s General Liability Insurance ProgramPDF Document.

If a lawsuit is filed against the club because of an act performed by a coach/volunteer who is not in “good standing”, the club will not be covered for the coach/volunteer's actions.


List of Arizona Puma Coaches/Volunteers in Good Standing


Cost of Background Check

USATF is subsidizing $10 of the background screening cost. Coaches/Volunteers will pay $8.00 to have a criminal background check performed.


Background Screen Submission/Application

USATF has partnered with TClogiQ to provide a secure online process for coach/volunteers to submit their background check information. TCLogiQ's system provides the highest level of security and was designed to ensure adherence with the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”).

The process requires USATF Membership.
Go online to USA Track & Field and complete the Membership Application.

You will need your USATF Membership Number to begin your online background screening at TCLogiQ.


Become a Certified Official

Officials play an important role in making thousands of events run smoothly. They are essential for maintaining the highest levels of integrity at all levels of competition. Training and certification of officials is central to USATF's goal of ensuring fair and safe competitive opportunities for athletes. There are several levels of certification beginning with the Association Level. Certification is subject to review each Olympiad.

If you wish to become a USATF Certified Official, visit the Certification tab on our website. The Club currently has several certified officials and encourages parents who wish to serve in a more formal capacity to seek certification.